Los Vecinos Community Residence


91 Pitt Street
New York, NY 10002

Phone: 212-533-1416
Fax: 212-533-1981


Los Vecinos Supervised MICA Community Residence (CR) is a 32 -unit residential treatment program serving formerly homeless, mentally-ill chemical abusers. The mission of Los Vecinos CR is to provide a safe, secure, and supportive environment where residents select and partake of rehabilitation interventions that will assist them in the attainment of their work, social, and community living goals. Residents have their own private room equipped with a bed, a dresser and a chair. The residents of each floor share two bathrooms and two lounge areas. The building is non-smoking, but residents may smoke in the backyard/patio. All residents also share a community room, a smoking room and a dining room. Ten of the beds are reserved for MICA Consortium members.

Case management, group activities, health and medication monitoring, and daily living skills training are available to residents.

The average length of stay at Los Vecinos CR is 18 to 24 months. The length of stay is flexible and depends on the needs of the individual resident. Since most of our residents come to Los Vecinos CR with only a few weeks of sobriety and mental stability, we expect most of them to stay at least a year. Those who are having difficulty maintaining their sobriety or mental stability, or who need continued work in other areas, will stay longer.

Staff will work with residents immediately upon admission to evaluate the resident’s needs. Within thirty days of admission a Service Plan will be developed, outlining the various goals and objectives that are to be implemented. According to individual need, residents and staff will choose any or all of the rehabilitative services identified in Part 595. These include assertiveness/self – advocacy training, community integration, daily living skills training (i.e. grooming, housekeeping, budgeting, washing of clothes, cooking), health services, medication management and training, parenting training, rehabilitation counseling, skill development (vocational training), socialization, maintenance of sobriety, maintenance of psychiatric stability, and discharge planning.

Service Plans will be reviewed at least every ninety days by the treatment team and the resident. The resident will have major input into how the service plan is to be revised to better meet his/her needs.

The overall goals for each resident will be to move to more independent housing. The majority of our residents will move to supported apartment programs in which they will have their own apartment, but will also be provided support by counselors who visit them periodically. Some may prefer a supportive SRO facility where they will have their own room, but will have staff available day and night, if needed. Still others with more advanced skills and stability may be able to live in their own apartment in the community. The decision will be made with input from the resident and the treatment plan team.


The following criteria will qualify a person for placement in Los Vecinos CR:

  • A primary AXIS 1 psychiatric diagnosis
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Able to function with minimum support services available according to the demands of the living situation
  • Able to fulfill the financial requirement of the program
  • Meet the criteria of CSS eligibility as determined by BRC


  • HRA 1995 Application
  • NY/NY Approval Letter
  • Psychosocial History
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • PPD Test

Once the appropriate referral materials are received an intake interview is scheduled with program staff. MICA Consortium Beds require the above admission criteria and acceptance into the MICA Consortium pool. The MICA Consortium Pool consists of homeless clients with documented psychiatric diagnoses and histories of substance abuse.


Los Vecinos CR
 is located at 91 Pitt Street, between Rivington and Stanton Streets on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. F Train to Delancey Street. JM Trains to Essex Street, then walk East to Pitt Street and then North.


Sylvia Adekoya, Program Director